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What Makes a Good Entrepreneur?

Although it’s probably easier nowadays to become an entrepreneur, it certainly hasn’t become easier to succeed.  There are certainly more opportunities and developments like the web mean you don’t have to find tens of thousands for even the smallest start up.  But this has all led to increased competition in most markets and only the…

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Become a Digital Entrepreneur

There are many reasons why people hesitate about starting a new business.  One of the biggest ones is the huge financial risk that it can entail, when you look at the cost of staff, premises, rates and insurance it can seem quite daunting even for a relatively modest start up.  However there are options and…

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It’s Essential to Have a Presence on the Web

A friend of mine has recently set up a new business as an electrician and I was discussing his marketing strategy.  It basically consisted of one advert in the local paper plus a listing in the next Yellow Pages (a phone directory for businesses). “What about the internet?” I enquired, and his reply pointed out…

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