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Expanding Your Online Market

For many entrepreneurs, it’s sometimes difficult to think on a larger scale. Of course if you’re CEO of a multinational then it seems like the most natural thing in the world to expand into new countries and new markets. But for the entrepreneur who works online then although it’s perfectly feasible to target different countries…

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Job Seeking Strategies: Using the Internet

Now we all probably know that there are thousands of places to look for jobs online. Most newspapers, employment agencies advertise online whilst there are some massive online based job sites available too. However for the potential job seekers it’s worth understanding the process from the other side too. Employers and recruitment departments also use…

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Skills for a Digital Age

There are times when you can get a bit fed up of running a business online. ¬†Sure there are many, many advantages but there are some drawbacks too. ¬† The bonus of a digital business is no premises, lower running costs and less employees but in human terms there’s a lot less contact with your…

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