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Business Promotion Techniques: Using a Blog to Boost Business

A blog can work for just about any size business, from the sole trader to the multinational corporation for one reason – it’s simply another way to communicate with customers. The good news is that it doesn’t need to be expensive and you can reach out to all sorts of people simply by updating with…

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Getting more customers to your online business

You have just created this awesome new website for your new online business, spend thousands of dollars on perfecting your online appearance, have all the right features and functions on your website and are still not getting any customers. This is a situation a lot of new business owners have experienced. You can compare this…

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How to Find Those Elusive New Clients

Have you ever sat by a phone or in a shop waiting for a customer for your business, if you have you’ll know how frustrating it can be. ¬†You want to sell your goods and services, and of course make some money but without customers it’s never going to happen. Sometimes it feels like forever…

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