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Simple Method to Making Your Site Mobile Friendly

Creating a website to look good in all circumstances can be a bit of a challenge.  Take for instance a WordPress blog, the chosen platform of millions of bloggers and organisations across the world.  It’s simple and easy to set up, you can even buy customised templates for creating a different feel.  There are thousands…

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Fusing Art and the Media

For many years London has been at the forefront of street art.  The diverse range of cultures and the relaxed attitude by certain councils for genuine street art has encouraged this position.  However with the onset of the Olympic games many artists are complaining that councils are removign much of the quality street art that…

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Kvali Vinduer – An example of an online business

A lot of people are dreaming about starting their own online business. Being able to work from home and having no boss to tell you what to do, sounds like a dream for many. But starting an online business isn’t quite as easy as one would belive. There are a lot of things to consider…

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