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Nyt Tag – Buying online or local

If you are getting a nyt tag or any other larger construction projects, you might have been wondering if you should buy it locally or same some money and buy it online. Just 10 years ago, most of us bought most of our items in local stores, but this trend have changed a lot since…

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Starting a Joint Venture Online

There is power in sharing, and many businesses of all sizes have found that joint ventures can be extremely effective. The bigger companies have been doing this for years and there’s no reason you shouldn’t use the same tactics too. The reason so many of the largest corporations in the world engage in joint ventures…

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Using Video to Reach Your Customers

For many businesses, video has become the focus of their marketing efforts with good reason. There are numerous studies and surveys that suggest that a brief video is a much more effective in marketing than long blog posts or sales letters. We’ve all seen them and in reality with the global increase in network capacity,…

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