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Some Traffic Boosting Ideas

In the digital world, your website is as much of an asset as a building, premises or equipment. In some businesses it’s even more valuable than physical items – a website brings traffic and business directly to your door. In case you’ve been living in a vacuum, most people use their websites as their business…

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Is YouTube the Defence to Google Algorithm Changes?

For any internet marketer who has been operating over the last few years online, then they’ve all probably had some similar experiences. One of the major impacts on most marketers is that of the periodic Google algorithm changes. These updates usually come unannounced but have the ability to destroy (or sometimes boost) thriving web based…

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Attributes Needed to be a Successful Entrepreneur

It is a fact that over half of all new start-up businesses in America fail within 5 years. It is difficult to start a new business for several reasons – cash flow, competition, down turns in the economy, government regulations, and advances in technology. These are all valid reasons for a new business to fail,…

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Shaking off Those Internet Shackles

Blocked and filtered, monitored and restricted – this is the reality of the internet today.  Ever clicked on a particularly funny looking video to be greeted by the message – ’we’re sorry that video is not available in your area’.  When did the internet change like this, it was once open to all, it didn’t…

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