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Blue Planet 2 – Watch on the BBC iPlayer

There are some TV programmes which reach levels that surpass all others. To be fair many of these are often nature based documentaries, where TV companies seem happy to invest in these often very expensive shows. You only have to look through a few of the last National geographic ones to see the quality that you won’t find in an early evening situation comedy. Also the wonderful thing about all our on-demand and recording media devices is that you can save this stuff up for when there’s nothing else available.

One of the most incredible shows on TV has returned to the BBC this month, Blue Planet 2. It was released across several continents simultaneously on the BBC’s various worldwide channels. The quality is breathtaking but that’s hardly surprising when you consider the effort and resources that has been put into this show. It is comparable to a Hollywood blockbuster and in many aspects much harder.

The Blue Planet II has taken 4 years to produce and involved 125 expeditions to over 39 different countries. The number of dives was estimated at over 4000 which produced a total of more than 6000 hours of underwater footage. If you can watch it anywhere, make sure you do. There’s very few documentaries that are produced of this quality simply because the resources required are simply out of reach of most companies. The BBC has a mandate to produce such programmes and as such profit is not the foremost concern. Although many analysts predict that it will be a commercial success to due to it’s potential worldwide audience.

The BBC does have it’s critics and if you happen to come across the incredibly popular, but utterly pathetic – Mrs Brown’s Boys you can see it’s not always perfect. However if you can access the BBC iPlayer and associated channels most people would have enough quality entertainment to last them a lifetime.

But unfortunately this is not that straightforward if you’re outside the UK, as access to the site is blocked. However fear not, you do not need to be deprived and yes you can watch the Blue Planet II online just by hiding your location. Here’s a video which explains how to access the BBC iPlayer site from Ireland – although it works in exactly the same way for anywhere on the planet.

That’s all there is to it. The VPN service ensures you can access the BBC website exactly the same way as anyone in the UK can. What’s more the website also has all the BBC channels which you can watch live, the archive on BBC iPlayer which you can access afterwards too.

In fact if you keep the VPN enabled you can even use the BBC download feature explained here, which allows you to download programmes to watch offline. SO that means you can download hours of content to watch on your phone or laptop to watch when you haven’t got an internet connection.

You don’t even need the VPN enabled to watch them although it must be active when you download or you’ll get blocked. It should be noted that you only have a certain amount of time to watch these downloaded programmes before they expire though.

A VPN service is one of the most useful tools you can have online particularly if you travel. Not only can it keep your internet connection secure, it also enables you to keep your privacy. Furthermore a well configured VPN network allows you to bypass all the blocks and filters that currently exist online. So not only can you watch the BBC online without issue, you can watch any other media site which operates region locking. Choose the right service and some of them can even provide you with a Netflix IP address to switch the locale of your Netflix login. So instead of being stuck with the version based on your current physical location you can switch to something like the US one by enabling a US VPN server – which simply takes a click.

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