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How Can I Monetise My Website

Nowadays many of us have our own websites, and indeed spend a huge amount of time and effort on them. So it’s not surprising that people often look at methods of making some money out of their sites if only to try and subsidise hosting costs for example.

It’s not always the main aim of any webmaster to make money from their website however most are not averse to the concept. You can create a blog or static site around any subject you want, and whether or not you decide to add some income streams to it is entirely up to you. It goes without saying that any online business owner would be open to more chances to add another income stream to their site(s). There are a number of ways to achieve this goal but what method you go for completely depends on your choice.

For example, if I’m a blogger I would go for a different monetization method than a regular webmaster running a regular site. The same situation would occur if you’re running a news or media site although you need lots of traffic like the BBC to make money from these. Now we would like to talk more about adding new monetization strategies to your business and the best way to approach it.

Our first method is a long-term strategy with great potential, and it involves what is called, sponsored reviews.

PayPerPost is the business that introduced this monetization method, and others have followed suit from that influence. The concept is simple; you join/register with a sponsored review site/blog; and then you are offered to write from a list of select topics. If you take a good look around, you can see many variations of this model in effect. So then just imagine becoming a sponsored review site, but that can only happen after your traffic numbers are pretty good. Some marketers monetize their site with ads from Kontera, and they’re just in-line/text ads that are on your site. No need to be concerned about causing any confusion with your other links because links, from Kontera for example, are underscored twice. When your visitor rolls the mouse over this link, they’ll see a small add pop up. Whenever anyone clicks on one of these ads, you will be paid some amount that is not necessarily fixed.

A good method to make the most out of your website in terms of monetization is to create premium content and give access to it for a price. You can get extremely creative with this model, and just one approach is to offer a teaser and then tell them they can read it all for a fee. Other monetization possibilities are offering subscriptions either monthly or yearly. We have seen this exact monetization method used in many industries.

This only lightly scratches the surface of all the monetization methods businesses use. It’s smart to try to build your business and include as many ways to generate revenue as possible, so keep a look-out for them. It’s just smart business sense to build your income base so you can absorb any adverse changes that do seem to happen online.

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