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Newest Technologies Make Better Design Possible, But Are They Really Worth Using?

As the Internet evolves, new technologies are becoming more often the #1 choice for web design. While the use of tools such as Flash can readily enhance an existing website, they should not be used for a design process from the ground up. Designing the main structure of a website in anything other than HTML…

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Hong Kong Rated as Most Expensive for Expats

So where would you like to go and spend your retirement? Ever thought of becoming an expat and live in a new and exciting environment, well for those considering Hong Kong then this report may come as a bit of a disappointment. It’s certainly on my wish list as I look out on the grey…

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Accessing US Netflix using DNS Codes

Do you remember these, special codes for DNS servers that would be floating around in their thousands online. You’d simply use one of these servers in order to bypass the restrictions and blocks that Netflix applied based on your location. That is an American Netflix subscriber would switch to the Canadian version as soon as…

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Some Traffic Boosting Ideas

In the digital world, your website is as much of an asset as a building, premises or equipment. In some businesses it’s even more valuable than physical items – a website brings traffic and business directly to your door. In case you’ve been living in a vacuum, most people use their websites as their business…

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Is YouTube the Defence to Google Algorithm Changes?

For any internet marketer who has been operating over the last few years online, then they’ve all probably had some similar experiences. One of the major impacts on most marketers is that of the periodic Google algorithm changes. These updates usually come unannounced but have the ability to destroy (or sometimes boost) thriving web based…

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No Email Privacy by Default

The digital world has changed the way we communicate, that much is obvious.  The internet, mobile phones and digital communication mean that location means very little now and there’s little chance of being incommunicado unless you really want to.  This rise in different aspects of communication is bringing other issues into play though, one of…

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Apple Patches OS X Security Issue

Apple has been in the security news recently, battling flaws in it’s operating system which have made people browsing online unsafe. Over the years, OS X users have always enjoyed relative safety online compared to PC users but with increasing popularity more and more threats are being uncovered. In fact there have always been issues,…

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Travelling, VPNs and Region Locking

Imagine the scene, you’ve just survived a day which included a Tran-Atlantic flight, a two hour delay plus one of the most boring presentations you’ve ever had to sit through but now you’re back in the hotel.  You’re a hardy traveller and are well aware of how limited the options are on hotel entertainment centers…

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Project Manager Skills

A project manager must possess particular skills to make it to the organizational targets and be efficient and successful at precisely the same moment. In achieving this, the project manager should apply the complete array of classic management skills in addition to getting a detailed technical understanding of the project itself. It also permits the…

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The Digital Media Wars and VPNs

For years now people have been using proxies and VPN (Virtual private network) services to hide their real location.  Some do it for security reasons, particularly VPNs which encrypt your traffic whereas many people use it because they feel locked out of their favourite sites. Take for example a British citizen who usually watches the…

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