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Choosing the right social media

You have most likely heard the word social media, and there is a good chance that you are already using one or of them already. However there are still a lot of people who got no idea what social media is what it’s used for. In this article we are taking a closer look at some of the most popular social media services on the Internet and try to explain what they are all about. Based on a recent report from Briketter, an online media site, the following social services are the most popular ones in the world.

1. Facebook
When talking social media here in 2015, there is no way of getting around Facebook. With more than 1.3 billion activate users this is largest social media service in the world. Facebook is mainly used to post images, videos, random messages about your life or see what your friends and family are posting. It’s a nice and simple way to connect with old friends or the part of the family you rarely get to see otherwise. According to Briketter, almost 70% of their users was active on Facebook (or FB for short).

2. Twitter
Which not as popular as Facebook in many countries, it’s still one of most used social medias in USA. With 284 million monthly active users it’s not quite as big as Facebook, but still something that a lot of people use. Unlike Facebook you can’t post long stories here, so you have to keep things short and simple, and this is what many people like above facebook. When you go online to check for news, it’s often that you don’t want to read a 500 word post from your grandmonth about how grossery shooping. Had the same message been posted on Twitter, it would simple say “Was out shopping Brænde. Had a nice day!”

3. Instagram
Instagram is a picture (and video) based social media. Here you can upload pictures and tag them with various hashtags. You can find pictures of almost everything from someone showing of their new nails toprofessional photographers showing their lates photoes or experimenting with new techniques. Here the various hashtags works almost like a group. If you for instance are into firewood or cars, you simple make a search for cars and you will get a million results where most would be related to cars.

4. Pinterest
Pinterst is like Instagram also an image sharing social media service. On Pinterst you can create groups of images. For instance if you have just done some remodelling on your vacation house and want to share the changes with the rest of the world, you can create a group and upload all the images related to the project here. Even write a text to each picture. A lot of business owners also use Pinterest as a showroom for their various products.

5. Google+
Another social media service which allows you to share text, images, pictures are Google Plus. Here you can add people to different circles such as Friends, Co-workers, Family or whatever is fitting for your needs. It haven’t quite reached the same popularity as Facebook, but a lot of people who had enough of all the nonsense posted on Facebook, are moving on to other social medias such as Google+.

Which social media service should you choose? That depends on your needs, if you just want to hang out and being social with your friends, then Facebook is a good choice. If you are into the more visuel stuff, then Instagram or Pinterest would be the best option, for business owners Google plus, and for celeberties twitter. Beside the services mentioned here, there are many other popular social media on the Internet, just take a look at the list from billige træpiller run by the same guys who run briketter. There you can find some additional information on social media in 2015.


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