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How to Increase Customer Engagement

If your online enterprise is still relatively new, you still should think about building an email contact list.

It’s also critical to learn ways where you can build trust within your site’s visitors. Even if you’re promoting your own products, you’re still able to cross-promote them with other affiliate products. Select products that complement yours somehow. This part of building your online business is quite easy, but figuring out how to build customer loyalty is a bit more challenging.

Since we’re talking about the web, that means you have to connect with words and images which is more difficult. Let’s talk about using videos, and you don’t have to be in them to use them to good effect. It’s fine to be professional if your niche calls for that, but look at what can be done with video on your About page. Do something different and unexpected, and you can easily do this with video rather than stiff and rigid copy. This is just about the beginnings or relationship building and it has to start somewhere. So you compare how you feel between reading text and watching someone in a video and you’ll see.


Be active about your desire to hear from everybody who lands on your site. This includes encouraging them to leave comments or other feedback as well. You can even think of this as a call to action, but don’t be overbearing about it.

Think about the sites you’ve been on and pay attention in the future. On most sites you’ll find little more than a link to a contact page and nothing else. Add something to each page of your site asking them to contact you in some way. Always remember that anyone coming to your site could become a paying customer. So if they feel confident in contacting you, it gives you the opportunity to win them over.

It’s tough to get motivated to do all this work in addition to the regular day or night job. Aside from that, if you have some kind of readership, then you have to keep up with the responsibility to them. Vow and commit to working on your blog and just keep adding content for as long as it takes and keep marketing it. So all this basically means is you must dedicate yourself to your site or blog no matter what’s happening in life. You know how it feels to comment and nobody replies to you. When you’re trying to develop positive connections with people, this is one way to do it.

It shouldn’t take long for you to learn how to benefit from any forms of correspondence from your site. And once you learn some basic tactics for getting people to contact you it becomes even easier.


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