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For many businesses operating primarily over the internet, their marketing strategy is usually defined by the product or services they are selling.   After all if you’re an online company selling a large physical product then the location of your target market is of crucial significance.  It’s very likely that your market will need to be based in a single country unless the product is so unique that it can justify the large costs of international shipping.  Smaller items can be sold online to more locations, usually anywhere with a reliable delivery mechanism that can be used at minimal costs.

Ebay is a good place to research to where goods can be sold and delivered.  For example you’ll regularly see Chinese and Hong Kong based businesses sell goods direct to the UK, the shipping costs are obviously larger but often still allow for a decent profit margin on cheaply made Chinese manufactured goods.     There’s no doubt though in general that people will always prefer to buy from locations that are nearer them, usually in the same country.

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For many businesses though their product is often a digital product or service, something like computer software, digital downloads or electronic books.

This has a huge advantage in that location is fairly irrelevant at least as far as delivery is involved.   The internet can form your entire market place and potentially customers can come from anywhere on the planet.   Obviously the product still has to be delivered but there are a huge number of alternatives to allow electronic downloads, ranging from Amazon, Ebay.  For affiliate marketers, the product owners will normally supply a download mechanism after payment, which means you just have to supply the customer.

There’s a huge range of products that can be effectively sold online by anyone with the right marketing experience.  Take for example this particular digital product which is in high demand and sells really well.  It’s a security product which allows people to encrypt and hide their internet connection when online, it sounds like a very specialised product but it’s actually used by many thousands of people simply to watch online TV.   This web page explains, how by using the software anyone can watch the BBC iPlayer from anywhere in the world, which is normally blocked from outside the UK.

Although products like these can be marketed to most places in the world, it doesn’t mean the same blanket marketing strategy will work.  Consumers in different countries react very differently to different approaches, the hard sell will not work in all countries for example and obviously there are still language barriers.   Your web site would be specifically targeted towards individual locations, have different pages for different countries if possible and include translations for non-English speaking markets.   To get an idea of what approach works, may we suggest the proxy product illustrated above, using it you can watch and access local TV and media sites to get an idea of what sort of marketing approach is used and adapt yours to suit.

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