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Some Simple WordPress Security Tips

WordPress is probably the most famous Content Management Systems globally, and hosts well over sixty million web sites in the on-line world. One important issue that comes with this popularity is that as it’s free, everybody includes easy accessibility to its programmed code which empowers new hacking approaches readily.

Now normally WordPress is pretty well protected and safe if you utilize some basic security measures. There follows some additional basic points to keep hackers away from your blog. It is certainly possible to secure your WordPress site by using the following points to solidify your security.

A simple and extremely important factor is to set a custom username throughout the Installation process. Never leave the default user name as Admin because it is the first thing hackers will do to attempt this user name with various passwords to login.

It’s important that you go for an unusual username, it’s a simple step but instantly increases the level of security by many times. Also change database prefixes, by default, WordPress table prefix is wp – remove or modify this. As WordPress is totally free and every hacker knows its source code and database details. If you maintain the database prefixes the same, everybody know the names of the database tables and may create SQL queries readily. It is possible to change the prefix during installation process by simply writing a 2-3 characters prefix in its choice. If you’ve already installed WordPress without altering the prefix then you’re able to alter with it with the assistance of any acceptable plugin like WP Secure Scan.

If you don’t mind spending a little money, a very useful way to block access to your site is by using a fixed IP address. If you don’t get one from your ISP then buy UK proxy or server based in your own country and ensure the address doesn’t change. Then restrict all access from any other IP address you can do this from the htaccess file or by using a security plug in. It’s simple and effective and attackers will soon give in. In fact restricting admin access to only a specific IP address irrespective of it’s location makes your blog extremely secure. This post shows how to get a US IP address for Netflix but it works for this situation too.

Maintaining the code is important too, for you the blog owner this means making sure that all updates are installed. When there’s a brand new release of WordPress, upgrade it immediately – there are normally important security updates in each one. In general a message will be informed in on the top of on the dash panel and also in the updates menu which there is a fresh release of WordPress. Always do the upgrade process throughout the dash panel or in case you do not want to do it throughout the dash panel then do not download on the new version from any other web site than This ensures that you only upgrade from a legitimate installation.

Another simple step is to password protect the WP Admin Directory. This is among the best ways to help keep your login page safe by password shielding your wp admin folder, there’s no reason that ordinary users should access this very sensitive folder when they are browsing the website.

Go into the file manager on your Cpanel and click the wp-admin folder and after that click the password protect option. A page will open wherein you’ll set a user name and password. This will stop many hackers and script kiddies dead in their tracks. Also ensure you delete useless and unwanted files. For example delete inactivated plugins that you are not making use of them. Just deactivating them isn’t sufficient since the files of the plug-in stay on your hosting server. Any weak point in the plug-in can be harmful and may allow the hackers to create a break point to access your installation.

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