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The Challenges of Expatriation

For any expatriate, starting their new life can be both exciting and a little intimidating.  In fact some studies have been made covering the psychology of becoming an expat with some surprising results.  Of course, becoming an expat is a very demanding and exciting decision which comes with it’s own set of psychological challenges.

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Many expats will very likely have some initial confidence problems.  It’s exciting to create a new life but it usually involves the unknown and change which are likely to create uncertainty in the short term.  Moving to somewhere with a different language and possibly a very different culture can also cause issues such as anxiety whilst you start to adapt.

Simple tasks can become a huge challenge if you have language or cultural barriers and these too can make everyday life much more difficult.  The reality is that most of these issues are short term and perfectly natural.  Human beings will inevitably suffer some psychological trauma because of the extent of the change.

However as any psychologist will tell you that recognising the issues can make it much easier to deal with them.  Anyone should accept that if they’re moving their whole life somewhere new then homesickness will be inevitable to some extent.  Even if you’re moving from a life you don’t miss, yearning for the familiar is a powerful feeling in a strange environment.

One common option that expats will tell you to minimize these feeling of homesickness is to maintain links back to your friends and family at home.  This is of course much easier nowadays where the internet allows video chats and emails to keep you connected seamlessly. Most expats from the UK will also invest in some sort of technology solutions like promoted in this post – Expats UK TV Online.  Being able to watch your local TV broadcasts can provide a valuable short term link back to your previous home.

It’s all transitional of course, humans are very adaptable both physically and mentally.  It’s perfectly feasible for anyone to cope with the changes of becoming an expat as long as the reasons for moving initially were valid.


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