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Is YouTube the Defence to Google Algorithm Changes?

For any internet marketer who has been operating over the last few years online, then they’ve all probably had some similar experiences. One of the major impacts on most marketers is that of the periodic Google algorithm changes. These updates usually come unannounced but have the ability to destroy (or sometimes boost) thriving web based businesses.

Most of the last few Google updates have mostly seemed to publish any gaming of the system by web sites and marketers. Therefore the web owner who has been diligently adding backlinks to his site in an attempt to get more traffic from Google would have seen all his traffic disappear. Literally tens of thousands of small internet businesses are normally destroyed with each of these updates. For those who are lucky enough to escape then there’s usually another update waiting around the corner.

Most then simply give up, the resilient few will attempt to rebuild either quickly or slowly attempting to keep within the new SEO guidelines. It’s extremely hard work, tiring and can be very dispiriting watching a couple of years work disappear overnight.

So what’s the solution? Well one of the most obvious options is to stop relying on organic traffic from Google. Any webmaster will never be entirely safe if the majority of their traffic relies on the whims of the search giant. Even if they are not penalised then traffic will still gradually fall as Google stuffs more and more paid search results into it’s pages. The answer perhaps is to look at different options- maybe the second largest search engine on the Internet – YouTube.

There is a huge advantage in using YouTube to host your online business – the simple fact is that it’s unlikely to be penalised in the search results because it’s owned by Google anyway. Here’s a video that’s worth watching to the end – How to Get Money from YouTube, it’s basically describing how top create a niche specific business using a YouTube channel rather than a blog or website.

The SEO skills that most website owners or bloggers learnt on their own sites are transferrable to YouTube. In fact mostly it’s a little easier because first you have the power of the video channel behind you and things like indexing or backlinks aren’t quite as relevant. You also have two distinct sources of organic traffic – from Google search itself to YouTube’s own search engine which is also extremely popular. Combine this with extra traffic from tags and related content and you can see that traffic issues are much simpler to solve for a video than a completely ignored blog or website.

The other advantage is that video is great for marketing internationally, you can use images across language boundaries quite easily in most markets. Look for example in this video entitle Polskie Proxy, where a Polish VPN service is being promoted in English – the video ranks across the globe and potentially a much larger audience.

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